When are you free? 


Any plans for December 15th, 16th or 17th? What about February 17th or 18th? How about March 24th and 25th? Fill in this form and we can organise a time to meet up at ACCA. Then we can talk about the other artworks on display and explore the exhibition together. 

Everyone is invited. Any gender or sexual orientation, any relationship status. Giselle Dates are not intended for people under 18 and the dating apps I use do have a minimum age limit, but if you are booking through this site then young people can come along in the presence of their guardian. Whilst Giselle Dates are intended to be one-on-one, I understand and respect that this may not be appropriate for everyone.

Please wait for email confirmation of your booking, I would hate for you to walk in on my date with someone else. 

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